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If you love bingo and want to learn or play online bingo here is your place to play types of bingo games and to enjoy the thrill of playing online bingo with the best. Bingo game is one of the famous and popular games of the online casinos, and the success of the bingo is probably due to the fact of relatively simple rules: numbered balls are drawn at random and the first player to fill his bingo grid or predefined combination wins. There are different types of bingo which vary depending on the objective to be achieved to gain or the number of balls.

Coverall Bingo

The coverall is one of the most common forms of bingo which has simple and easy objective and i.e. to fill your entire board to win the game.

75 Ball Bingo

In 75 ball bingo there are 75 balls numbered from 1 to 75 which are drawn one after the other. The balls are divided into five columns each with fifteen numbers, on each column is a letter of the word bingo. The winner of the game is the one that fills all the numbers of the box and meets the predetermined template beforehand.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is one of the famous bingo games and in this game card include six cartons which include nine columns and three rows and each of the six boxes has fifteen numbers. In this version of bingo a player wins in three different ways either by getting a solid line or by getting two lines, or if all the lines of the carton are filled online casino.

One Major difference between ninety ball bingo and 75 ball bingo is that ninety ball bingo can have three winners in a single game. Ninety ball bingo is also considered more rewarding as you get to win three awards in a single game and due to more money and greater chance of winning this game is also very popular online.